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The History of the Burger, The Legend of American Cuisine

When people think of America’s favorite foods, one choice comes to mind, and that is the hamburger. There are a lot of reasons why burgers remain to be a top choice for Americans. It is considered as comfort food. It is one food that you would want to eat after a tiring day. It is also easy to prepare if you prefer to cock it yourself.

And best of all, it is delicious and can make your tummy full.

However, do you know how did the burger you love today appear? Do you know the burger history, one of the most well-loved American dish? When people ask why is it called a hamburger, some say it is because it came from Hamburg. But there is so much to know about the history of burgers, so let’s begin.

Improvement of Burger over the Years

Burger Patties

Burgers started out as just plain beef slabs. During the 1st century AD, people mixed ground minced meat with pine nuts and pepper. When the Mongol horsemen arrived, they were carrying thick beef slabs that were tucked under their saddles. The slabs were eaten after an entire day of riding. And then came the more improved type of burger patties as the Hamburg sausage has been introduced. They were made with ground beef sausage mixed with pepper, garlic, suet, vinegar, and red wine.

As the years go by, the beef burger patties were improved and given more ingredients to make it taste better. Machines to grind beef and meat were also introduced and made burger patties easier to produce.

Burger Patties with Buns

After creating different recipes of burger patties, people started experimenting on how they should be served and eaten. In 1885, the first hamburger was served. It was a beef meatball that was placed between two slices of bread. And then came the flame-grilled burger which people saw as a better way of cooking the patties. It was served with a bread bun. Fletcher Davis claimed that this style of serving burgers gave him a sold-out sale since the 1880s.

Burgers in Restaurants

After Fletcher Davis claimed that he had been serving burgers in his store, many restaurant owners included hamburgers in their menu. It was first offered in food-cart businesses.

Burgers Improvements

Entrepreneur Billy Ingram and cook Walter Anderson improved the design of burgers and started serving them in their restaurant. They also changed the way of cooking and serving the dish. In 1925, Lionel Sternberg placed burgers a level higher as he added cheese on top of the patties to make it tastier. This is now known as the cheeseburger. Further improvements on the well-loved burger were made like the double-decker. This is a double layer of patties and a bun.

Popular Burger Chains

In 1948, the famous fast-food chain was born and it got the name McDonald’s. The owners have dropped their barbecue business and turned it into a burger chain. In 1954, McDonald’s had its biggest competition since Burger King had entered the game and other fast-food players such as Wendy’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

And the rest was history, as they say. Burger remains the top choice of Americans with their favorite food. And today, burgers have evolved into bigger and better-tasting patties that everyone loves. There are also lots of restaurants and food stores offering burgers on their menu. This proves that through the years, American cuisine is still all about burger. And it is not only loved in America but is also well-loved by many people all over the world.

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